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October 18, 2019
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October 22, 2019

Why people take someone for granted? – by Ambreen Sharif

Not every thing glitters is gold,these words could be really understood after being hit by many of our society’s so-called professionals around.People being optimistic by nature, always ready to raise a helping hand to everyone, on account of which sometimes pays heavy.That happens to them not only seldom, but many times.Plagiarism stuns them to daze and they suffer alot in terms of appraisal to someone else,copying the material without copyright,having no knowledge to the owner,force them in trouble through offensive backbiting and fun making etc.
For the ones who believe that leadership is not the rank but only the support in uplifting and appreciating others,in order to make the team members do their job well,not only do wonders but,also bring challenges and stress.It becomes unethical to attackers, to such an extent that they start conspiracy against the sufferers by exploiting them through false reporting and stealing their precious documents.These culprits’ purpose is just to make the person feels embarrass and puzzled for the TIME BEING only,because culprits are already aware of the shining person’s abilities,as he or she may come up with ultra bright performances more often,so he or she can easily prepare and produce his or her stuff all over again.

If the person is producing his best possible efforts,the feel and desire to aspire for dreams is his right,no matter hindrances hurdle,he has the courage to cope up with them.

About Ambreen Sharif.

With 21 years of teaching experience in the reputed schools of Karachi,she is giving her services in The City School System since 10 years.She had accomplished her Post Graduate Diploma Certificate Course (PGDC) in 2015-2016 and currently associated with The City School University Road Campus Karachi as an English Language Coordinator. Did Masters in English from Karachi University in the year 2010-11.
    During the course of her passionate journey towards language,she remained the member of Spelt n other refresher courses being offered by esteemed company of British Council. Also, conducted many power point presentations n INSET sessions throughout my career.Courses like Aptis,INTEL,Regional- based programs also been done.Remained attached with the management tasks since 5 years.
Regarding Co-Curricular Extra-Curricular Activities,she has been the manager for all International National-based programs and conducted handsome number of activities where students won valuable prizes.

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