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What is women empowerment to me? – By Farheen Hasan

I am Farheen Hasan. I’m an educationist but before that I’m a daughter, sister, wife and a mother.

What is women empowerment to me?

Women empowerment, is the opportunity to get not only basic education, but the chance to pursue a higher level of education that provides women with the power and the chances of following a career path if so desired.

I think I’m privileged enough that at least I had the right to get education, followed my career path and continued my profession even after marriage and children.

Why did I get this opportunity? It was, because of my foresighted parents and then my open-minded husband. The go ahead and morale boosting enabled me to forge ahead. Nevertheless, there are a lot of women who don’t get the chance of getting even a basic education, which is the basic right of every human being. Often girls, around the ages of 15 or 16… they get married, when they are very young and their lives stop there, their preferences and choices end here.

One day, I met a young female around 14 years old. I asked her what she was doing. She said, “Nothing, I left my studies”. I asked her the reason. She said that her brother asked her to stay home because their mom was ill and there was no one to look after her. I felt really bad for her. Of course, mother is important and taking care of her is also very important. But why only her? Why not brother? Why couldn’t her brother think of any other solution? He could have stayed home himself or should’ve consulted her and they could have come up with a win-win solution for both of them.

So why do the females have to make a sacrifice? The females end up abandoning her dreams, sometimes her studies, her career, her professional lives JUST because others think that everyone else around is more deserving of her time and energy.

A woman should be given the right to dream, to wish, to achieve and to make things better for herself, her family or her children. It is said that a girl with dream becomes a woman with a vision. I would here, thank my mother that she didn’t stop me from dreaming, in fact, she would always encourage us sisters to dream big, aim high and live the life we wanted.

Women face a lot of challenges in every situation in life. As young females, they have to work harder and more diligently to compete with the males; as daughters, they end up doing more for their parents, as wives, they always have to prioritize the household. Is that fair?

Lastly, I would like to address women of the 21st century to work harder, aim higher, be fearless and forge ahead, make a dent wherever they can and to help making a difference. Education is the key, educate yourself and be empowered.

Women empowerment is about those who dare to break barriers. It’s not an easy task taking the road less travelled-but at the end of the day, the satisfaction and appreciation is worth it.

Be a role model for the future generation!!

About The Author

Farheen Hasan
Remedial Therapist
The Learning Tree School
Karachi, Pakistan.

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